Manual Handling Training

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Manual Handling Training

The importance of having Manual Handling Training

Johnny Hancox / Remote First Aid also provides training to public and private companies looking to partake in manual handling training courses.

Remote First Aid are experts in safe handling and lifting practices. Training courses are provided nationwide.

Manual handling is an everyday task in most workplaces, whether you are filing paper work in the office, stacking shelves in a shop, or bricklaying on site.

Is not only restricted to the workplace but also at home and leisure pursuits.

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Lower back pain affects approximately 80% of the population at some stage in their lives.

The Health & Safety Authority have stated that 1/3 of all reported injuries have been as a result of manual handling.

The effects can be life changing leading to chronic illness and in some cases disability.

By law employers are required to ensure all employees have received manual handling training with refresher training required every 3 years.

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