Remote First Aid Training Course(s)

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Practical, Outdoors, Scenario Based First Aid


Practical, Challenging Scenarios of potential Injuries to Group Members.

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Emotional Care

Looking after the emotional care of a casualty.

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Progressive, starting with single rescuer to having a helper to assist.

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Working at night

Working at night creates it’s own problems when treating a casualty.

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Finding a casualty in an inaccessible place, conscious and emotional.

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Progression, to working with a team to extricate a casualty to safety.

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Heart Attack

Not only inaccessible but also having a heart attack.

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Mechanism of Injury, lying awkwardly at the base of a High Ropes Course, Spinal?.

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Level 2 CPR

Level 2 covers CPR, Level 3 with AED add on.

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